Excursion Agadir – Legzira (1 day)

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     Called Laghzire “little island” here is a beach out of the ordinary. Located about 150 km south of Agadir, between Mirleft and Sidi Ifni in Morocco, majestic natural arches of red stones flow into the ocean and straddles a long beach of golden sand.


      Departure to the famous natural arches of Legzira, 160 km of road to make passing by several stops, among them, the beach of Aglou and Mirleft, once we arrive on the beach of Legzira, you will be able to benefit from its splendid landscapes, a pleasure for the eyes not to be missed. We discover its beautiful wild beaches, and sinners. After lunch by the ocean, to taste the specialty of grilled fish or tagine fish. On the way back we will go by the way of Tiznit. It allows to see a different landscape on the road, the historic city of Tizint, to see its ramparts, its old medina, and its big market of jewels in solid silver. Tiznit is famous for making silver jewelry. End excursion and return to Agadir.


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