Ifrane – The Moroccan Switzerland !


    Ifrane the must beautiful city in Morocco it feels more like Switzerland relocated to the Middle Atlas than North Africa . As stranger tourists head to the medinas for a taste of the ‘real’ Morocco, Moroccan tourists find more favour with places such as Ifrane. Clean, ordered and modern . Its clean air, scrubbed streets and leafy outlook make it popular with tour groups.



       Ifrane is considered one of the best and cleanest cities in the world, that is why it is called by some tourists “Switzerland Morocco”, its special clean parks reflex the beauty of this city.

  Ifrane has neat red-roofed houses, blooming flower beds and lake-studded parks. It is a popular summer day trip for picnickers; in the winter, the affluent flock here to ski, and the hoi polloi come for the pure fun of throwing snowballs .

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