Morocco tours blog
Experience a one-in-a-lifetime vacation from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert and Camel Trek with All Morocco Tours.
Morocco travel blog
Experience a one-in-a-lifetime vacation from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert and Camel Trek with All Morocco Tours.
Morocco tours blog
Experience a one-in-a-lifetime vacation from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert and Camel Trek with All Morocco Tours.
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Our morocco travel blog is a great place to learn more about Morocco.

Morocco Tours Blog is the best place to learn about the country’s most fascinating aspects. Our blog provides information on Morocco for individuals who are interested in visiting the country. Fes, Marrakech, and Casablanca are just some of the destinations we cover in our tours blog section.

A guide to the best things to see and do in Morocco from a tours blog.

People of Moroccan descent

As we all know, North Africa is the ancient home of the Berbers and was once known as Numedia. They name themselves Imazighen, which translates to “free noble people” (in Tamazight). Tamazight, one of the oldest languages on the planet, is written in the Tifinagh script. Berbers are well-known for their kindness and friendliness, and it’s not difficult to win them over.

A large number of Arabs migrated to North Africa in the late 16th century to preach the faith of Islam. To begin with, there are some who claim that the entry was calm and free of conflict. The Arabs may have entered by force, according to some, although this has been refuted by others. Overwhelmingly, the majority of Imazighens have embraced Islam and converted to it. As a consequence, Arabic is the primary language of communication. Despite this, the Imazighen have never lost their sense of themselves and their language. All of these people and their customs are covered in depth in our Morocco travel blog.

Cities in Morocco travel blog

This Morocco travel blog will provide you with an inside look at some of the country’s most stunning cities and the people who built them. Using the four imperial cities of Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, and Rabat as examples, First and foremost, the city of Marrakech, the busiest of all, is where the word “Morocco” originated. 

With all morocco tours , you’ll learn about the city’s most important features and must-see attractions, such as the world-famous Jemaa el-Fna plaza. Fes, Morocco’s second-most popular tourist destination, is home to one of the country’s busiest international airports. Here, you’ll learn about the city’s illustrious past and the pivotal role it played in the Kingdom. Next, a list of the greatest locations to visit as well as activities will be provided for your perusal.

Rabat and Meknes are equally important, despite the fact that they are the two least-visited cities in the group. Despite this, Meknes is one of the oldest towns in Morocco and one of the best examples of Moroccan architectural design. Rabat, the present capital of Morocco, completes the list of destinations.

Chefchaouen and the reason for the blue tint are only two examples of other cities and locations you may learn about on our site.

This Morocco tours blog will provide you with information about the country's deserts.

Having golden dunes and the Sahara desert is perhaps what sets Morocco apart. As a general rule, travelers enjoy their time in the desert the most. There are three major deserts in the world that are popular with visitors. If you’re planning a vacation to Morocco, you’ll want to be sure to include a stop in the Erg Chebbi, also known as the Merzouga Desert. 

It is just 50 kilometers from Algeria in the southeast of Morocco. Camel rides, camping, and other fun activities abound in this picturesque location. The fact that it’s the country’s longest desert with the nation’s tallest sand dunes is clearly what sets this location apart. However, the distance from Khamlia to Tighmrt is just approximately 30 kilometers.

As you return to Marrakech, you’ll pass through the Zagora Desert, Morocco’s second-most popular set of sand dunes. Zagora’s proximity to Marrakesh makes it a popular destination for tourists who want to take a two-day excursion to see its breathtaking scenery.

Finally, we have the M’hamid desert, which is the third most popular in our nation. Glamping and camel rides are great ways to enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

Morocco tours blog
Morocco tours blog
Morocco tours blog

You should know this before you go on a trip.

It goes without saying that one of the primary motivations for the creation of this website was to assist you in planning the ideal trip. With our travel blog, you may learn about what to anticipate and what to keep in mind while traveling to Morocco. In order to enjoy a risk-free trip to Morocco, you must follow the nation’s regulations, just like you would in any other country. Fraudsters are one of the most common things to avoid, particularly in large cities. A group of individuals who ask for instructions and then demand money. You should also avoid strolling alone through tiny alleyways in many of the world’s oldest and most populous urban areas.

Read our tours blog to learn more about Morocco's landmarks.

Thanks to our blog, you don’t have to go to Morocco to see some of the country’s most famous sites. As is well known, our nation is a treasure trove of architectural wonders. Many civilizations have called Morocco home throughout its long history. As a result, all of these institutions have left their mark on Morocco’s development as a prosperous country.

In the kingdom, you’ll be able to experience the country’s originality and beauty. There are several historical sites to be found across Morocco’s towns. In order to build a first-of-its-kind structure, Egypt erected Hassan 2, a mosque that is the seventh-largest in the world and the second-largest in Africa. In addition, you’ll learn about the ksour, or tiny settlements, many of which are fortified. Ait Benhaddou is the most well-known. The latter is a UNESCO-listed world heritage site. Speaking of Unesco protected sites, Morocco has 12 of them.

Moroccan traditions and customs


Moroccans come from a variety of backgrounds, as previously stated. Some customs, however, may be traced back to the Islamic faith, which is practiced by the majority of the population. First, you’ll learn about Berber customs in this travel blog. As a starting point, we may write about three distinct Berber cultures that have many similarities.

The Rif Berbers, who dwell in North Morocco and speak a distinct dialect, will be discussed in further detail here. We’ll discuss the central Berbers, also known as the Assammer, who may be split into a slew of distinct tribes, most of which begin with the prefix “Ait.”. Once you’ve learned about Agadir and its surrounding regions, you’ll learn about the local Sousa or Issoussien population.

The dialects of each region determine whether or not Arabic traditions may be split into three categories. North Arabs, or Arabized Moroccans, have a somewhat distinct set of values and are more open-minded about the contemporary world than their southern counterparts. Furthermore, if you go to the southernmost regions of Morocco, you will hear a distinct dialect that only Moroccans can understand. The Central Arabs will be your last stop. Darija, Morocco’s official language, is a mixture of Arabic and Berber dialects.

Kristinamorocco tours blog
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Très beau voyage ! Bon d'avoir une voiture privée (avec AC) avec un chauffeur personnel (Aziz, qui était génial ! ). Camp confortable avec climatisation, salle de bain, etc. et employés sympas. Séance de musique amusante après le dîner.
David P
David Pmorocco tours blog
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Best Morocco trip From Fez to Marrakesh, trough the desert, mountains, camels, people, roads, culture, food, sights, experiences... for sure, better than you can expect!
Cris P
Cris Pmorocco travel blog
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Best morocco travel blog ever!!! We did a week excursion with Aziz and Hameed in Erg Chebbi area and it was amazing!!! They are very professional and friendly. We will come back!
John Doe
John Doemorocco tours blog
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Authentic Moroccan Tour We were told about this tour by a friend and could not have been happier. Every part of the tour was amazing! Idir (the absolute best tour guide request him if you can!) made sure we were comfortable and went out of his way for us every chance he got. He grew up in Morocco as well and is extremely knowledgeable! If you want an authentic tour and insight into Moroccan culture this is the perfect trip. From Kasbah views, to stops for tea, dressing up as Berber women, amazing food, camel rides, desert camping, and sooo much more this tour has been life changing!!!
Bags S
Bags Smorocco tours blog
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Aziz, the best driver in all Morocco! Aziz was my driver for a film shoot in Morocco. He was an excellent driver who looked after me and had many wonderful stories. His music knowledge is brilliant! Punctual, professional and friendly.
Wafa A
Wafa Amorocco travel blog
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Best morocco tours blog ever Aziz and Hameed took us in a tour for 10 days via Morocco. They are very professional, helpful and friendly

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