The interested party contributed the personal information that All Morocco Tours handles, and we process it with their agreement. The firms to which you provided your permission for the supply of certain services you previously engaged may be the source of the data.
The rules we reflect in this Privacy Policy shall apply to the protection of the information you provide as a User via the forms or emails that exist on this website.

In charge of the treatment

Said Issfoula, thus RESPONSIBLE, is given authority to handle client or user data processing on behalf of All Morocco Tours and is informed that the legislation governing the protection of personal data will be followed in handling these data.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect on April 27, 2016, protects natural individuals when it comes to the processing and free movement of their personal information.

handling of your personal information

The following treatment information is supplied in accordance with the RGPD’s rules, which provide that personal data received via the website and/or any other method of data collection will be handled lawfully, fairly, and transparently:

  1. The treatment’s goal

The primary goal is to continue providing the User with services in a business partnership. The following procedures are scheduled to provide the treatment:

  • Send promotional commercial communications by email, fax, SMS, MMS, social media, or any other physical or electronic method that permits commercial communications, now or in the future. These communications, which are about your goods and services or those of your partners or suppliers with whom you have a promotion agreement in place, will be sent by the RESPONSIBLE. Third parties will never be able to access personal data in this scenario.

Handle any kind of request, including orders, that a user submits using one of the contact forms that are made accessible to you.

  • Submit your resume; take part in our hiring procedures.

These procedures are carried out in accordance with the consent provided when registering for our newsletter, the legitimate interest of the Responsible to provide its clients with commercial information on goods and services, and the contractual arrangement for the processing of shipments and orders.

  1. The criteria for data conservation.

We retain the supplied personal information for the duration of the contractual arrangement and the legal period during which any claims arising from this connection may be made.


The information will not be shared with any parties unless required by law. The RESPONSIBLE notifies and explicitly promises users that their personal information will never be transmitted to third parties and that users’ voluntary, informed, and unambiguous permission will always be obtained before any personal information is sent.


By sending regular mail to [email protected], the User may at any moment change their choices for commercial shipments as well as exercise their rights of access, correction, deletion, objection, treatment limitation, and portability within the parameters specified in the RGPD.

In any scenario, a copy of your passport, national identity paper, or other legitimate form of identification must be included with the request.

Additionally, you may use your right to cancel and object to communications by sending an electronic request and using a link that will be included in every email you get if you would prefer not to receive communications by email.

The RGPD officially grants the following rights:

  • Right of Access: You are permitted to see your personal information.
  • Right of Rectification: If your personal information is incorrect or has changed, you have the right to have it corrected.
  • Right of Suppression: You have the right to ask for the erasure of your personal information whenever you’d like.
  • Right of Opposition: You have the ability to ask that the processing of your personal data be stopped.
  • handling limitation: In the following situations, you may ask that the handling of your data be limited:
  • While the validity of your data is being verified,
  • When the treatment is unlawful, yet you are against having your data deleted.
  • When the user requires the data for the purpose of exercising or defending claims, the responsible party is not required to process it.
  • When he has objected to the processing of his data to satisfy the RESPONSIBLE’s legitimate interest, and it is being determined whether or not his objections outweigh the valid justifications for the treatment.
  • Portability Right: (available as of May 25, 2018) You have the option to both receive and transfer the personal information you have given us electronically.
  • Revocation of permission: The User may, at any time and by any of the channels listed below, revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data. This will not impact the validity of any treatments performed before their withdrawal.

The user will always be able to revoke their consent, and we will also notify you of your right to lodge a complaint with the national agency for data protection in the event that you believe your rights are not being upheld during data processing or that the treatment does not adhere to current laws.

data that the user has supplied.

By checking the appropriate boxes and providing information in the fields that have an asterisk (*) in the contact form or on download forms, users explicitly, voluntarily, and unambiguously consent to the provider using their data to fulfill their requests; the inclusion of information in the remaining fields is optional.

The User agrees that the personal information they have given the RESPONSIBLE person is accurate and is in charge of notifying them of any changes.

In order to provide the User with the best possible service, all information asked via the website is required. It is not guaranteed that the information and services will be fully tailored to your requirements in the event that not all the data are given.

  • Social media platforms.

Social media platforms will be used by All Morocco Tours for communication and service promotion. We will never use the data for reasons that are not authorized.

This firm disclaims all liability for any information, views, comments, or anything posted by users on any of our social media platforms, including YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. As long as you provide credit to the author or source, you are free to use our material for legitimate reasons. Remember that the privacy regulations of social networks govern how they may be used.

The repercussions of withholding your personal data

In order to fulfill your requests and provide the services under contract, we need the personal information you have asked; if you do not supply it, we will be unable to fulfill your request.

You must be at least 18 years old to supply us with your personal info.

Data security and confidentiality

The RESPONSIBLE person shall handle any data gathered via the website and/or other channels with the utmost discretion, promising to keep information about them private.

That in compliance with the terms of the current regulations on the protection of personal data, the RESPONSIBLE is adhering to all the provisions of the GDPR for the treatment of personal data under their purview, and clearly to the principles outlined in article 5 of the GDPR, which stipulate that the data must be treated lawfully, faithfully, and transparently in relation to the interested party, as well as appropriately, pertinently, and only to the extent necessary to achieve the goals for which it is used.

In order to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the Users, the RESPONSIBLE assures that it has put in place the proper organizational and technological policies, applied the security measures required by the GDPR, and disseminated the necessary information to allow Users to exercise their rights.

Since data protection laws are subject to change, we highly advise that you review our data protection policy on a frequent basis.

By emailing our forms, you agree to the transfer of information without encryption. We notify you that the All Morocco Tour website does not support encryption and that information communicated over the internet without encryption may be seen by other parties.

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