Camel Trekking and Camp Informations

Camel trekking into the Sahara Desert in Morocco with All Morocco ToursMost of our tours include a camel trekking . Ca

Morocco Camel Trekking

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What is a camel trekking ?

This peaceful experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will watch the sun set and sun rise over the dunes and watch shooting stars in the night sky. Each person will receive their own camel to ride into the Erg Chebbi dunes in the Sahara Desert from Merzouga. Included is a private tent, and dinner will be provided after arrival and breakfast the following

How long are we on the camels?

About 1.5 hours each way.

What ages can ride the camels?

Small children will ride with a parent. Ages 3 – 60 have enjoyed this overnight trip.

What should I bring and wear?

Wear long pants for the camel ride and sandals. And bring a bottle of water and a scarf for your face (your guide can stop for you to purchase one for a few dollars before arriving to Merzouga if you need).

Bring a small bag with personal belongings for the evening and next morning. The winters can be cool in the evening and the summer may be warm. Everything you take will go on the camel with you, so pack accordingly.

What are the camps like? What are my choices?

All camps Include:

  • Dinner and breakfast
  • Berber music
  • Private tents that fit up to four people
  • Campfires during the cooler seasons
  • Sand boarding

All of our “book online now” options include the luxury camp. Your camp will include:

  • More space than standard camp
  • Elevated beds with mattresses
  • Blankets, sheets, and pillows
  • Private toilet and shower in tent
  • Electricity

Enjoy an even more luxurious experience with a Royal tent. Royal tents include even more space and air conditioning. If you would like a Royal tent, please send us a message for a custom quote.

Our camp partners are sahara sky luxury camp Merzouga and Bivouac Café du Sud.

You can see a list of our other accommodation partners on our website.


The Standard Camps

All of our tours that you can book directly online include the luxury camp. But if you would like to stay in a standard camp instead, please message us for a custom quote. Standard camps are very basic with cots, pillows, and blankets inside of a tent. Standard tents do not have electricity, showers, or private toilets.

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