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Errachidia Desert Tours :

Experience camel trekking in the Merzouga desert, located in the south-east of Morocco, with Errachidia Desert Tours. These tours are the top choice for those seeking the best Morocco desert tours. However, the long journey time of 6-7 hours from Fes or 8-9 hours from Marrakech can be reduced by taking a flight from Marrakech, Casablanca, or Fes with Royal Air Maroc or Air Arabia, especially if time is limited.

To reach the Merzouga desert, Errachidia is the nearest city which is approximately 130km away and a 2-hour car journey. The Errachidia national airport “Moulay Ali Cherif” is the closest to Erg Chebbi desert, enabling direct travel to the Merzouga desert. Alternatively, you can stay at a hotel in Errachidia and begin your desert tour the following morning with Errachidia Desert Tours.

If you’re planning a desert tour from Errachidia, All Morocco Tours can help arrange a customized tour to meet your travel plan, needs, and budget. They also provide affordable transfers from Errachidia airport to Merzouga desert, dropping you off at your hotel/riad or desert camp in the Merzouga area.

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3 days tours from errachidia to fes

3 Days Tour from Errachidia to Merzouga Desert

4 days tour from errachidia to marrakech

→ Please note that these are just our most booked and chosen tour packages from Errachidia and if you don’t like the options that we offer or have anything in mind, we can manage and tailor something to your specific needs. don’t hesistate to shoot us an email with your specific needs and we will be more than happy to help.

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