A group of happy tourists posing in front of the tall Koutoubia Mosque tower in Marrakech during a sunny day on their 3 days trip from Marrakech to Fes.

Our Accommodations

Hotels, Riads, and Kasbahs in Morocco

The hotels, riads, and kasbahs in Morocco that we work with are beautiful, clean, and unique. Whether surrounded by exquisite mosaics, close to popular medinas, steps from the beach, or hidden amongst natural, you can rest assured that our accommodations are high quality. You can see some of our partners below. Many of the hotels and riads have pools.

You will receive your exact accommodations 5 – 7 days before the start of your tour.  Learn more to prepare for your trip to Morocco.

The Riad is the Moroccan traditional house, normally with two or more stories around an Andalusian-style courtyard that contained a fountain. 

Entrance to these houses encourages reflection because all of the rooms open into the central atrium space. In the central garden of traditional riads there are often four orange or lemon trees and often a fountain. The walls of the riads are adorned with tadelakt plaster and zellige tiles.

A kasbah, previously spelled casbah or qasbah in English, also known as qasaba, gasaba and quasabeh, in India qassabah and in Spain alcazaba, is a type of medina or fortress. The meaning of the word kasbah is varied, including “keep”, “old city” and “watchtower” or “blockhouse”

The difference between the 3 categories

Standard accommodation:

 Standard accommodation hotels are either classified equivalently between 2 star and 3 . For the urban areas, this category are usually located in the the old quarters; In the countryside could be as a form of Kasbah, a guest houses or a Riad; This economic category, as its name suggests, is usually the cheapest, but offer an excellent level of comfort for the price. You can assume that the properties of this category feature basic services, including lodgement with a private bathrooms, restaurant, and mostly have swimming pool.

Medium accommodation:

Confused what to choose, Superior or Standard?! No worries, Medium or average category is a combination between the 2 previous accommodation types which will give you a chance to test the authentic and luxury Moroccan accommodation.

Superior accommodation:

This category, mostly classified between 4 and 5 stars. In the urban areas, the properties of this category are often located in the downtowns (city centers) offer an outstanding level of comfort and services, a high-end design and a wide selection of amenities and the presence of certain facilities pool, a spa, a restaurant, elevator, sometimes fitness hall and so on more than for standards of service and luxury.