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Casablanca Desert Tours 

If you’re in Casablanca and looking for a vacation package or a desert tour, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a variety of day trips and tours from Casablanca to suit everyone’s needs. Our desert tours range from two to seventeen days and are full of exciting experiences and adventures. Whether you’re arriving at the airport or departing from your hotel, we welcome you to join us for one of our Casablanca vacations.

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Our tours from Casablanca to the Sahara Desert camel trek highlights include

→ Please note that these are just our most booked and chosen tour packages from Casablanca and if you don’t like the options that we offer or have anything in mind, we can manage and tailor something to your specific needs. Don’t hesistate to shoot us an email with your specific needs and we will be more than happy to help!

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Moroccan Desert Tours From Casablanca

Our Moroccan desert tours from Casablanca  have made the economically stable city of Casablanca a popular tourist destination. Therefore, there are a great number of places for us to explore. First and foremost, there is Hassan II’s mosque, the only one in Morocco that welcomes non-Muslims. Second, Ain Diab’s corniche is a stretch of beachfront lined with high-end hotels, shops, and eateries popular with residents. Also, the popular film Casablanca was shot in a place called Rick’s Café, which has both a bar and a restaurant.

Some of our desert tours from Casablanca have been tailored to meet the specific needs of our past guests. Also, most people who visit Morocco go to the Sahara to see its unique landscape. For this reason, we organized all the trips to Merzouga and some to the Zagora desert. We can also make Casablanca tours so that they include stops at cultural, economic, and tourist sites.

Our Casablanca Desert Tours also include time in Rabat, the nation’s administrative center

Our Casablanca desert tours will take you to the nation’s capital, Rabat, where you can learn more about the country’s history and culture. There are a wide variety of sights to see when in this area. The Hassan Tower, also known as the Tour, is the unfinished minaret of what was supposed to be the world’s biggest mosque.

While its original commissioner, Yusuf Yaqub Al Mansur, had hoped to have it rise to 86 meters, the structure is still under construction and stands at a more modest 44 feet. Next, we’ll go to Les Oudayas, a kasbah not far from the Medina. In addition, we will visit the Muslim necropolis of Chellah (sometimes spelled Shalla), which was built as a fortress in the middle ages.

Desert Tours from Casablanca through Tangier
(North bride)

When you book casablanca desert tours  with us , you’ll get to see some of the finest sights in the world, including Tangier. Because of this, we should expect to find a lot of cool stuff. First, we’ll go to Cape Spartel, where Hercules’s resting cave is situated; its entrance looks like a map of Africa. Second, the American Legation Museum in Tangier is known for the way it shows how Morocco and the United States have been friends for a long time.

It is also the first American property to be located outside the United States. Third, we’ll go down the coast to see the mosque at Cape Spartel, a point approximately 12 kilometers from the heart of Tangier. Finally, we’ll take a stroll around the ancient Medina’s souq.

On the Casablanca to Chefchaouen Tour, you may take a Journey to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Chefchaouen

We provide a private Casablanca to Chefchaouen tour, the “blue jewel” of Morocco. Because of this, there are plenty of things to see and do, even if you just have a day or two to spare. First, Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami’s Kasbah in Wetat El Hmam. Rass El Ma, which literally means “head of the water,” is the second finest attraction we will see while in Chaouen. 

The Rif Mountains provide these areas with water in the form of minor waterfalls. In addition, we will ascend Jebel El Kalaa to take in the cityscape. The Akchour waterfalls, which are 14 kilometers from Chaouen, are the best waterfalls in the Rif highlands. This site is included in our Morocco itinerary only if you stay for two weeks.

Meknes, the imperial city, is a popular destination on Casablanca Desert Tours

Discover the beauty of Meknes with our guided Casablanca desert tours. Volubilis will be the first stop on our Chaouen to Meknes trips. A valid ticket is essential at this location. The Berbers constructed these Roman remains, which are now part of the Unesco World Heritage List. The distance between Meknes and the next major city is around 20 kilometers. 

While there, you may check out a wide variety of attractions. For instance, exhibits are sometimes held at the Bab El Mansour entrance. In addition, the Norias have a tiny lake named Shrij Swani. According to reports, one of Moulay Ismail’s numerous wives requested a transfer to a coastal location. Because of this, he brought the ocean to her.

In addition, next to Bab El Mansour’s entrance sits the mysterious Qara jail. It is the only jail in the world without any doors, and it was constructed by Moulay Ismail in the 18th century. In addition, its passageways connect to other corridors, making it difficult to escape. Some claim that all of Meknes is buried under the surface, while others put that number at less than 10 kilometers.

Additionally, the inmates were tossed and fed through the openings in the roof. There is also a rumor that if the convicts discover the director that Moulay Ismail has produced, they will be released. Furthermore, French explorers attempted to enter the prisoner to learn more about its mystery, but they were unable to exit again. Many hypotheses have been put forward regarding the jail, such as the idea that sparrows and genies are always on the prowl there.

Casablanca to Chefchaouen Tour, Fes, Morocco’s cultural capital

On the Casablanca to Chefchaouen tour, Morocco’s commercial hub, you may go on a Sahara desert excursion to the royal city of Fes. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of attractions.

To begin, the blue gates, which serve as the primary entry to the medina, are one of several gates in the historic district that attract the majority of tourists. When you first go through the gate, you’ll see two major streets lined with shops. You’ll find most of Fes’s top sights right there, too.

Since it is the world’s oldest continuously operating institution, the University of Al Qarawiyyin should be one of the first major stops. Fatima Al Fihri commissioned its construction in 859. The Chaouara Tanneries, where hides are processed into leather, are a popular tourist destination in their own right.

People from all around Fes come to this plaza to get a perspective of the city and to see leather being manufactured. The third reason Fes deserves your time is that it is home to one of the king’s twelve palaces. Forth, the Bor Nord, which is great for hikers, provides a panoramic view of all of Fes, and is a great place to watch the sun go down.

Our Casablanca to Chefchaouen tour includes a stop at Al Qarawiyyin University. The Madrassa is the oldest Islamic educational institution still in use today. Also, Fatima Al Fihri built it in 859 as a madrassa (which means “school”) to teach the Quran.

While at Fes , be sure to check out the Garden of Jnan Sbil, Mellah, and Attarine, among many other attractions.

With our Casablanca Desert Trips, you will see that Ifrane is the cleanest city in Morocco

Often referred to as “Morocco’s Switzerland,” Ifrane is a beautiful mountain town. People go to this area on the weekends to snowboard and have fun. There has been a statue of the Atlas lion in the city’s center since its French colonial days. A German prisoner sculpted this lion to earn his release. You won’t find a cleaner city in all of Morocco, and it ranks seventh in the world for cleanliness.

Azrou, located in Middle Atlas Mountains, has a beautiful cedar forest

Azrou’s cedar forest will soon host campers and others interested in learning more about Morocco’s wildlife. The Barbary Macaque monkeys that may be seen here are friendly and like being fed and petted. In addition, there are deers, but we can’t see them since they’re scared of us, and we can’t walk much farther into the forest because of the fence.

Desert Tour from Casablanca will take you to Erfoud

Erfoud is a tiny town located close to the Saharan town of Merzouga. From Casablanca, you may also explore a fascinating region. In October, the city has a 3-day carnival that attracts visitors from all over the world. Mineral fossils, such as trilobites, are another reason the city has gained notoriety.

Merzouga is the centerpiece of our Casablanca Desert Tours

The highlight of our Casablanca desert tours, Fes, Marrakech, and Tangier, has to be Merzouga. You may embark on a camel trip and then camp out in Berber tents. The Erg Chebbi sand dunes and the Gnawa tribe have made the little town of Merzouga renowned in the southeast of the country.

It is imperative that you visit here if you find yourself in Morocco. We spent one day here as part of our two-week Morocco trip. That’s why we’ll take you to see the nomadic tent communities so you can get the entire experience. We will also take you to see the flamingos at Srij Lake, where they are immigrants. In addition, there is a salt and magnesite mine that is also worth exploring.

Rissani is Tafilalet’s capital City

The Tafilalet region’s capital is Rissani. From Tombouctou, the Touaregs would journey for 52 days to barter for items like salt and mascara. This is also the central market square for the surrounding communities, such as Merzouga. The Alaouiet dynasty originated in this region before moving to the cities.Furthermore, Rissani is the only place where donkeys can be left.As an added bonus, the pita bread made in Rissani is known as Madfouna.

The city’s entrance resembles Fes’s famous blue gate, but its design is somewhat different.


The canyons of the Todgha & Dades

Tissedrine’s undulating shapes in the Dades Gorges are seen here. The American Cadillac automobile set a new record by going up and down the ramp three times in a minute and nineteen seconds. Many travelers stop in this town on their way between Merzouga and Marrakech because it is halfway between the two places. Todgha Gorges may be found not too far from Dades; they rise to a height of roughly 300 meters and are wide enough for the forces of nature to find a path through.

On Casablanca Tours, you may take a Trip to the Rose Valley

The rose valley at Kalaat Mgouna and the accompanying international festival are well-known tourist attractions. During the annual Rose Festival held in Magouna in May, the city’s future queen is selected based on her intelligence and beauty. In addition, there is a wide selection of beauty aids available.

Casablanca Desert Tours to Ouarzazate Ouallywood

Ouarzazate has been called “Africa’s Hollywood.” Because of the abundance of atlas workshops in the area, locals refer to it as Ouallywood. Since actors can’t drive from Marrakech due to the High Atlas Mountains, this is where they land on their way to the city. Additionally, Ouarzazate’s name literally translates to “city without noise,” since it is made up of the two Arabic words for “without” and “noise,” respectively. Also, the Kasbah of Taourirt, whose name derives from the word for bamboo (Ksab), has brought international attention to this large city. 

That’s right, bamboo is used to construct the roofing of the Kasbah fortress. In addition, Ouarzazate is home to four film studios where movies are produced and equipment is rented so that additional movies may be shot in the nearby Ait Benhaddou Kasbah. Films like Lawrence of Arabia and The Living Daylights used this location for key scenes. Furthermore, the Asterix and Mission: Cleopatra films are

Our Tours from Casablanca will mostly focus on the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou’s Kasbah is the biggest and grandest in all of Morocco. Many visitors make the ascent to the castle’s peak for the sweeping vistas it affords. They also go and visit the structure to learn about its composition and origins.

The Berber Touaregs, on their way to sell salt from Tombouctou, would first stop at this architectural marvel. In addition, the area is home to the river or valley of Ouad El Maleh. In other words, salt or the salt river. 

They sell and buy things like salt and mascara there. In addition, there are around seven stories in the Kasbah, and on the seventh is a storage area for all the goodies that visitors bring. In addition, performers may borrow equipment from Ouarzazate studios and film locally. For instance, the films Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia, for instance, were filmed there. In addition, they modified several aspects of

  • A 1963 version of Sodom and Gomorrah
  • 1967’s Oedipus Rex
  • The Future Monarch of 1975
  • That ’76 Message
  • The year was 1977.
  • 1982’s Marco Polo

The area has produced a plethora of films. It’s a must-see if you’re in the area of the Kasbah.

From Casablanca, we provide customized trips that include a stop at this site and an hour of trekking with a local guide to help you get to know it.

Casablannca tours Atlas Mountains

There are three distinct kinds of Atlas Mountains. There’s the tall, the average, and the old. The high ones may be found between Marrakech and Ouarzazate, while the medium ones can be found between Fes and the Merzouga desert. Then the antiquated route is farther south, passing via Agadir on its way to Ouarzazate. Toubkal, the highest peak in the High Atlas Mountains, is also the highest point in North Africa.

These mountains are responsible for the Sahara Desert’s arid climate and the verdant vegetation seen in the American West’s wetter regions. Put another way, they act as a physical barrier to cloud movement to the east. That’s why the Sahara gets its rain so late in the year. As an added bonus, the quickest path through the mountains from Marrakech to the desert is just via Tizi n Tichka. An argan oil cooperative in the Atlas Mountains, which is about a half-hour drive from Marrakech, is one of the most popular stops on our day trips from Marrakech.

Enjoy seeing Marrakech on one of our Tours from Casablanca

The Moroccan city of Marrakech dates back to the time of the empire. We also provide day tours from Casablanca to the other imperial towns of Fes and Meknes, as well as the current capital of Rabat. Marrakech: Amur n Kush, the two words that make up Marrakech, signify “land of God” in Berber. It is also the third biggest city in Morocco, behind the commercial hub of Casablanca and the cultural capital of Fes.

Many interesting and exciting items may be found in this area. It took the French artist Jacques Majorelle 40 years to create the garden that bears his name, and it is one of the most visited attractions in the world. Then he started charging people to go in there. The Menara garden is the second, and it’s also a lovely place to relax with a refreshing dip in the pool. That is to say, a beacon. Despite the name, though, there is no actual lighthouse present. This garden, located in the southern part of Marrakech, dates back to the 12th century!

Thirdly, King Mohammed VI of Morocco resides in one of his 12 palaces, including this one in Marrakech. To be clear, he does not permanently reside in this area; rather, he spends most of his time in Rabat. In the same vein, it is an excellent location for exploration.

As for the fourth, that stunning structure in the background is the Koutoubia mosque. One of its many names is Jami ‘al-Kutubiyah. Moreover, the Almohad dynasty, which flourished in the 12th century, was responsible for its construction. It is the city’s tallest mosque, standing at approximately 70 meters; Marrakech strictly prohibits the construction of any newer or higher mosques. In addition, if you want to go for a stroll in Marrakech, Jamaa El Fna is the perfect location to do it. People come here to do things like shop, go to concerts, and see people who work with reptiles and primates in their free time.

Desert Tours from Casablanca to Essaouira

Our Casablanca desert tours also include a stop in the city of Essaouira. Tourists flock here in the summer when the temperature averages about 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) for a day at the beach. People from all over the world come to Essaouira in the winter to enjoy the mild weather and the delicious seafood. In addition to its other names, Essaouira is known as the “wind city of Morocco.” And there’s a ton to do in the area. A trip to the Citadel and Sqala ports is one such example. The fact that the old Medina is a Unesco World Heritage Site also draws people there.

In the context of Essaouira, you may come across the phrase Mogador, which, in essence, refers to the city of Magdol, meaning “little castle” in Hebrew.

The Zagora Desert is an optional stop on Desert Tours from Casablanca

Both the Merzouga and Zagora regions of the Sahara Desert will be on the itinerary of your Morocco vacation. In the second case, we have a desert with no sand dunes. In spite of this, many travelers with limited vacation time choose to visit this area instead of Merzouga. Camel rides and nights under the stars in Berber tents are also available in Zagora. The ergs of the sand dunes are the sole distinguishing feature between the two settlements. We don’t generally tailor desert tours from Casablanca to Zagora; we usually do it with our tours from Marrakech. However, you may organize your trip to Zagora from  Casablanca by getting in touch with us.

Casablanca desert tours to Zagora: be sure to check out the scenic Ait Saouen bends and Morocco’s largest river of dates. As a result, they are also intriguing destinations.

One of Morocco’s other claims to fame is its many picturesque valleys

About 40 kilometers from Marrakech is the Ourika Valley. To escape the bustle of the city for the day and breathe some fresh air, many Marrakech residents take day trips.
The Ziz Valley is the largest valley in Morocco for date palms. A two-hour trip will take you to the area surrounding the desert towns of Erfoud and Merzouga. In addition, Errachidia, not too far from the valley, is home to the country’s primary airport.
The Daraa Valley is the largest date production region in Morocco. While traveling from Merzouga to Marrakech, we often drive by ait Saouen. Additionally, while going from Marrakech to the desert of Zagora