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The only way to truly know Morocco is by visiting! Prepare for your trip to Morocco with this information.

Morocco’s sprawling landscapes offer four different mountain ranges, while long golden beaches line a coast that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In the south of the kingdom you’ll find Morocco’s most famous feature – the spectacular, mesmerizing Sahara Desert. And throughout the land you’ll find lush oases, cascading rivers, deep valleys, and rich vineyards.

Moroccan’s are generous, caring, and talented artisans. You will find art and music all over the country along with traditional Moroccan meals like tagine and couscous. And let’s not forget our famous mint tea! Our history is ancient and exciting — did you know that dinosaur bones have been found in Morocco? 

Whilst travelers are voting with their feet, the travel press continues to recognize Morocco too: Casablanca is amongst TripAdvisor’s Top 10 destinations on the rise for 2018, Essaouira is commended for the great value for money it offers in Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2018; and the Guardian places Fez on its hotlist for 2018.

What is the full name of Morocco?

Kingdom of Morocco (Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah)

Where is Morocco?

Northern Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea; across the Gibraltar Strait from Spain.

What countries border Morocco?

Algeria, Mauritania, Spain (across the Gibraltar Strait), and Western Sahara (which Morocco claims as a territory). The border between Algeria and Morocco is currently closed.

What is the weather in Morocco?

See the current weather in Marrakech. There are 4 distinct seasons in Morocco and different climates as our cities are along the coast as well as in the Sahara Desert. 

What currency is used in Morocco?

Moroccan dirham (MAD). The exchange rate is approximately 1 Euro = 10 MAD.

What language is spoken in Morocco?

Arabic is the official language (the Darija, Moroccan dialect). French is used for business and is considered the unofficial second language of Morocco, Berber dialects, Spanish and English are becoming increasingly more common.

What type of food is eaten in Morocco?

On the coastal towns, you can find fresh seafood. Inland, many dishes of chicken, beef, and lamb are available like tajine which includes vegetables. Another very popular dish is couscous with meat and vegetables. Vegetarian dishes are available also. Ask for cumin if you want more spice in your food. 

Is alcohol available in Morocco?

Alcohol isn’t readily available in most restaurants, but most major cities have alcohol available in some establishments. We can also take you to the grocery store to purchase wine, beer, and spirits for you to enjoy on your trip. 

How big is Morocco?

446,550 square kilometers

What is the population of Morocco?

33.01 million (2013)

What type of government does Morocco have?

Constitutional monarchy

What is the capital of Morocco?


What are the regions of Morocco?

There are 12 regions of Morocco.


What are the largest cities in Morocco?

  • Casablanca
  • Rabat
  • Fes
  • Marrakech
  • Oujda

What are the physical features of Morocco?

Although Morocco is often thought of as desert, much of the country is covered by the Atlas Mountains and the Rif Mountains, though the Sahara desert does make up a portion of the country.

What is the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU)?

Established in 1989, the Maghreb Union was meant to unify Morocco (with Western Sahara) Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania and help with trade and political unity between the countries. The Maghreb Union is currently frozen because of disagreements between Morocco and Algeria.

Who are the Berbers?

The Berbers are the indigenous peoples of the northern Africa. Most Moroccans are of Arab-Berber descent.

What is the major religion in Morocco?

Islam is the majority religion, particularly Sunni Islam. 


See What Some Of Our Clients Say About Us

Kate Hetherington Traveler
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We went on a 19 days tour with All Morocco Tours and it was so much fun. Riads gave us a more authentic experience, which is why we chose them. You can stay in a hotel anywhere, but Riads are magical. All Morocco Tours made our schedule fit a long list of oddly specific things on our bucket list, and nothing was too much trouble for them. Our driver, Hamid, was another highlight of the trip. He was so helpful, kind, and thoughtful, and once we got him to open up, he was so funny. Since Hamid was from the area, he knew a lot of people everywhere we went, so we always had great local guides. If we asked him about something he didn't know the answer to, he made sure to find out for us. (Including somewhat ridiculous questions about soil composition etc) His musical skills kept us entertained on long drives, and when we went to the desert, he put together a group to play for us, which was a magical experience. We highly recommend booking with All Morocco Tours, choosing the Riads, taking your time, and getting to know your driver and guides. If you do nothing else in Morocco, make sure you visit the Sahara Desert with All Morocco Tours. Their knowledge of the area and contacts there made sure that our time in the desert was better than we could have imagined.
Anna Lennard Traveler
Read More
In 2019, Aziz took us on a wonderful 7-day tour around Morocco. He was a very responsible driver who made sure we got the most out of each city we stopped in and gave us clear instructions. I'd highly recommend a tour with him, and we'd love to tour Morocco with him again.
Elevelin Meier Traveler
Read More
We booked a round-trip trip with All Morocco Tours for 5 days. We didn't have much time to book, so we didn't ask for a quote until the weekend before our trip was to start. All Morocco Tours replied quickly, and even though we didn't have much time, everything worked out great. Aziz picked us up at the airport the next day. Aziz told us a lot about his country and showed us many things while driving us around. He was very helpful. He set up a city tour of Fes with a local guide he knows on the spot. And he took us to Arfoud to see the international dates festival, which was a great time. He was a very good host and took very good care of us the whole time. We had a great time in Morocco. It was exciting and fun, and we saw and learned a lot about this interesting country.
Daniel Goldberg Traveler
Read More
Everything about the trip was great, including the preparation, the communications with the agency, and the guide. I traveled three days with two other people from Marrakech to Fes and was always astonished. With several stops, we were able to see a lot in a short amount of time. The trip was made pleasurable and we viewed the greatest places at the right times thanks to the assistance of our driver, Aziz, who was always courteous and helpful. We had a great time and got a lot for our money! Many thanks to the crew, to Aziz for everything, and to all the accommodations.

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Here Are Answers To The Frequently Asked Questions About Morocco Travel Agencies

individual preferences and travel style. Some popular and well-regarded travel agencies include Authentic Morocco Tours, Morocco Excursion, and Morocco Private Tours.

Morocco travel agencies typically offer a variety of services including tour planning and booking, transportation, accommodation, and cultural activities. Some may also offer customized itineraries and special experiences such as cooking classes or hot air balloon rides.

When comparing travel agencies, look at their itineraries, services offered, cost, and customer reviews. Also, consider the size of the agency and the type of traveler they cater to. If you have specific interests or needs, make sure the agency can accommodate them.

A good Morocco travel agency should provide you with 24/7 support during your trip, either through a dedicated travel representative or a local emergency contact. They should also be able to offer help and advice if you encounter any issues or problems during your trip.

Many Morocco travel agencies offer customizable itineraries, allowing you to tailor your trip to your specific interests and needs.

You can do research online, read reviews from past clients, ask for recommendations from friends or travel forums, and look for accreditations or certifications from industry organizations.

The cost of using a Morocco travel agency varies depending on the services offered and the length of your trip. It is generally more expensive than booking everything yourself, but the convenience and expertise of the travel agency may make up for the added cost.

Using a Morocco travel agency can provide you with peace of mind, ease of planning, and access to local knowledge and insider experiences. They can handle the logistics of your trip and offer personalized recommendations to make your trip unforgettable.

You can look for accreditations or certifications from industry organizations, check customer reviews, and look for a well-designed and professional website. It’s also a good idea to ask the agency about their policies and procedures, such as their cancellation and refund policy.

When choosing a Morocco travel agency, look for one that has a solid reputation, clear communication, and a professional website. Also, look for one that offers the services and itinerary that best match your travel style and interests.

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