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3 Days Fes Desert Tour:


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Spend this 3 days tour from fes exploring the captivating Merzouga Desert in Morocco, renowned for its rich deposits of minerals and fossils. Embark on an adventure with a nomadic Berber family who still reside in a tent in the heart of the Sahara. Journey through the desert on a camel, visiting the Ziz valley, the source of Morocco’s second-longest river. Take a break in Ifrane, also known as “Morocco’s Switzerland,” before heading to Azrou’s Cedar Forest where wild apes roam.

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Itinerary for 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga desert :

On the morning of the day in question, your tour driver will meet you at your hotel in Fes at 8:00 a.m.  You will then embark on a journey through the Middle Atlas Mountains to the Merzouga Desert, where a 3 days excursion awaits. During the day, you will have the opportunity to visit various Berber villages and immerse yourself in their unique culture.

Along the way, you will also make stops at the famous cedar forest in Azrou to see the macaque monkeys, the scenic city of Ifrane known as the "Moroccan Switzerland", and the town of Midelt for lunch.

The following day, you will take a scenic drive through the beautiful Ziz Valley en route to Erfoud, a town renowned for its extensive collection of fossils and its annual date festival and market. In the late afternoon, you will arrive at the stunning Erg Chebbi sand dunes, where you will spend the night in Merzouga.

After a tasty breakfast, you will embark on a day of exploration of the surroundings of the Erg Chebbi dunes via a 4-wheel-drive vehicle. Your first destination will be the oasis of Hassi Labied, famous for its irrigation canals and fertile agricultural land. Next, you will head south to Sriji Lake, which may or may not contain water, depending on the season.

You will then visit the village of Khamlia to listen to the Gnawa music performed by the people of African descent who were brought to Morocco as slaves over a century ago. Afterward, you will tour the M'ifis mines, known for its rich deposits of minerals and fossils. A nomadic Berber family, still residing in a tent in the heart of the Sahara, will be your hosts for this part of the desert excursion in Merzouga 44. They will offer you mint tea and share their experiences in the desert with you.

During the journey, you will have ample opportunities to take photos at beautiful lookout points. After a delicious lunch in town, you will return to the village. The Berbers will be waiting for you at their camp in Merzouga, which you will reach by riding camels. The camel ride can last anywhere from two hours to half an hour, with an additional two and a half hours spent on top of the dunes for sightseeing, viewing the sunset, sandboarding, or any other activities that catch your interest.

After these unforgettable adventures, you will retire to camp for some tea and rest before dinner. After the meal, you can relax in a traditional nomadic tent and gaze at the stars while listening to the sounds of traditional Berber drumming music.

On the third day, after witnessing the sunrise over the dune near the camp, you will enjoy a tasty breakfast and freshen up at the camp before either riding camels back to the starting location or taking a 4-wheel-drive transfer, depending on your preference.

We will then travel to Fes via the Ziz Valley, where the second-longest river in Morocco originates, and the scenic Middle Atlas Mountains, where we will make a stop for a delicious meal.

In the afternoon, we will set off for Fes.

During our journey, we will visit Azrou's Cedar Forest, home to free-roaming monkeys, where you can take a leisurely walk and take photos. We will also take a break in Ifrane, sometimes referred to as "Morocco's Switzerland." After three days of exploring the desert village of Merzouga, we will return to Fes and drop you off at your accommodations.

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our clients opinion on this tour :

In February, we went on a 3-day tour with Aziz. We saw great views of the Atlas Mountains and Kasbahs along the way. The best part was riding camels through the sand dunes of Merzouga and spending a night in the desert. The last day was mostly spent driving to Fes, but overall the tour was well organized. I would recommend this tour agency.

Chris C Traveler

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    FAQs about the 3 days tour from Fes:

    We offer two different tour options to choose from (Private and Shared). And the client can choose from either options.

    The tour starts from Fes at your hotel or airport  and ends back at Fes.

    yes you can do sandboarding in Merzouga

    The camel trek ride lasts for about 1 hour and half.

    Wear long pants and long sleeves.

    The tents are always private, but the main difference is that in a standard camp you share a bathroom with others, while in a luxury camp, each tent has its own private bathroom.

    Yes you can, a 4x4 will take you there instead.

    Yes, there is electricity in the camp, since the camp runs on solar panels, and sure there are power sockets in the rooms.

    Here is a list of what to pack for this trip:

    • Sunglasses.
    • Long pants ( for the camel ride).
    • Sun screen.
    • Hat or scarf.
    • Shorts
    • Sandals, shoes or flip flops.
    • Charger.
    • Long sleeves.
    • A small carry on bag.

    It's cold during winter, but it's warm in the summer.

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