Traveling To Morocco To Discover The Royal Cities With The Help Of All Morocco Tours Travel Agency

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Red City Marrakech

When traveling to Morocco, the Red City is without a doubt the most popular tourist destination in Morocco. It has been dubbed the Moroccan tourist capital by some. Another way to put it is that no  desert trips would be complete without a visit to this magnificent attraction. You may experience the city that never sleeps with the help of All Morocco Tours, a full service Morocco travel agency.

 We will drive you to the famed Jamma El-Fna Square, where locals congregate to tell tales, demonstrate their talents, or offer unusual wares of all kinds. Our tour includes a stop at Koutoubia, Menara, and Majorelle’s famous gardens. Koutoubia Mosque is also one of the highest buildings in Morocco. As an added bonus, you’ll get the opportunity to explore the famous necropolis of the Saadian Tombs. Explore Marrakech’s Jewish neighborhood, known as Mellah, with us.

Scientific City Fes

Morocco’s cultural capital, is one of the destinations we include on our Morocco trips Rabat Morocco’s second-largest city, has a number of wonderful places to visit. There are three tanneries in Fes, the most notable of which is the Chaoura Tannery, which is located in the city center. Overall, the 11th-century structure was erected for the purpose of producing leather goods and painting them with spices. 

Fes has a long history of serving as a religious education center for Muslims all around the globe. Because of this, a large number of schools and institutions (including madrassahs) have been built across the region. The oldest university in the world is al-Qarawiyyin University. This amazing structure was built by a Saudi Arabian lady, Fatima al-Fihri. You will also see local Madrassas and significant locations as part of your Morocco trip with our Morocco travel service.

Traveling To Morocco To Discover Ismailia City Meknes

At some point in the 1700s, the city of Meknes, sometimes known as Amknes, was designated as Morocco’s capital. In general, our Morocco vacation excursions provide you with a wide variety of ways to see the country. For most visitors to Morocco, Volubilis, the ancient Mauretanian capital, is the first stop. 

After that, we’ll go out and see what the city has to offer. Bab Mansour’s renowned gate can be seen from Lhdim square. In addition to the Qara underground jail, Meknes features a number of additional interesting locations. In the 18th century, it was constructed in the form of a labyrinth. Supposedly, those who go inside never return. In addition, you’ll visit Lhri and Shrij Souani while in Meknes

Capital City Rabat

The present capital of Morocco, Rabat, or Anfa, is one of the sites on our Morocco vacation. Rabat became the capital of Morocco when the nation gained independence. Touring In order to see the city’s most noteworthy landmarks, our Morocco travel service recommends the finest excursions in the country. 

From the Hassan Tower to Mohammad V’s Mausoleum: a journey around Morocco. Rabat’s most prominent landmark is Hassan Tower. According to legend, it was supposed to be the world’s biggest mosque, however it is only a minaret. Hassan II and his two children’s graves may be seen at the Mausoleum of Mohammad V. Furthermore, the kasbahs of the Udayas, another Unesco world heritage site in Morocco, is a must-see in Rabat.

Other Places To See While On Morocco Vacation

Essaouira Morocco Travel

On Morocco’s west coast, the city of Essaouira is a tiny town. Many people refer to it as Taros or Alizee. “The Wind City” is also a common nickname for this city. The historic Medina district and the seafood in this city are both well-known. As a result, Sqala and Citadel Port draw a large number of tourists. In addition, the water is warm all year round if you wish to go for a stroll. By bus from Marrakech, or through our Morocco travel agency, Morocco tours, for a multi-day vacation.

Morocco Trips Blue City Chefchaouen

Chaouen Morocco trips , Morocco’s Blue Pearl. Named after the Berber term “Iskaouen”, this northern Morocco tours citys is situated in the highlands. Using goat horns, two mountains are shown in the form of two goat horns. In 1471, Moulay Ali ibn Rashid al-Alami built a kasbah there. With its blue and white walls, it was transformed into a tiny village at one time. In Chefchaouen, there are a lot of things to do and see. To begin, pay a visit to Wtat Lahmam’s plaza, where the residents play music for your enjoyment. 

You may even climb to the top of the chapel that was later converted into a mosque to see an incredible sunset. In addition, the waterfalls of Akchour, a lovely spot for a picnic, are within 30 minutes’ drive. I should not add that Chefchaouen is well-known for its knitted woolen clothing and throws. Fortunately, you may see all of Morocco’s best sights with the help of our Touring in Morocco travel agency itinerary.

The Bride Of The North Tangier


Tangier is a Moroccan city located in the country’s northwest. In addition to being the principal gateway to Europe, the Legation Museum of the United States is located here. The city also has plenty of great spots to explore. These include the Hercules Caves, which are roughly 30 meters wide. The Greeks had numerous tales to tell about it. The cave is presently blocked in certain areas. In addition, the cave is notable for the hole in the ground that seems like Africa from the sea.

 Visiting Cape Spartel in Tangier is an additional Tangier must-do. It’s located 14 kilometers west of Tangier’s city center. There’s also the American Liberation Museum, which is the oldest and sole representation of the United States government outside of its own nation.

Traveling To Morocco To Discover Economic City Casablanca

You may begin your Morocco vacation in Casablanca with the help of All Morocco Tours travel service. However, it is the country’s biggest city and is located in the country’s center and western regions. Casablanca (which translates as “the white home”) is the economic center of Morocco. The mosque is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the city’s tourist attractions. 

Traveling to Morocco Hassan 2 is one of the biggest mosque towers in Africa and is named after the king Hassan II Five minutes’ walk from the mosque is a restaurant named The Cornish. It’s a fascinating look at Casablanca’s high-class lifestyle. Everywhere you go, from hotels to restaurants to nightclubs

Morocco Travel Dades And Todgha Gorges

Morocco tours from Marrakech to the south, you will pass through the Dades and Todgha Gorges.

Morocco travel Dades Gorgesin southern Morocco are a must-see. Kalaat M’Gouna and its valley are nearby, as is the city itself. When you arrive at Boumalne Dades, you’ll be taken aback by the hills’ stunning variety of hues. In addition, the term “Monkey toes” is used by some. Tourists flock to the latter because of this. The Tisdrine Curves are another well-known landmark in the neighborhood. After the Valley of the Figs, it’s roughly 18 kilometers into the Gorges. Those that make it to the summit will find a restaurant with spectacular views over the Snake Road, the valleys, and other hotels and restaurants along the route.

 Morocco travel Todgha Gorges may be found in the easternmost part of the High Atlas Mountains. Among the most popular tourist attractions are a series of limestone river canyons. In addition, these gorges are popular for climbing, picnicking, and a variety of other activities

Traveling To Morocco To Explore kasbah Ait Ben Haddou With All Morocco Tours

The most well-known and often toured of Morocco’s Kasr is Ait-Ben-Haddou, a fortification in the Glaoua region. The latter has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and is located close to the Ounila Valley. Furthermore, the Glaoui constructed it in the eleventh century. Historically, they belonged to a tribe that inhabited the southern part of Morocco. Then there was the fact that they were a mix of Arab and Berber people (families). 

Even though they were from different countries, languages, and cultures, they were still able to communicate with one another. They fought as one unit against any other tribe’s enemies. In order to secure themselves and their monarch, they built this kasbah as a stronghold. 

They also utilized hay bales and clay as building materials. Due to its location on a hill, the Kasbah necessitates a lengthy trek to its summit in order to enjoy the stunning views of the settlement below. You’ll see a lot of things along the way. Ait Ben Haddou was recently a filming location for several films and television shows, including Gladiator and Game of Thrones. 

Since the Almoravid dynasty in the eleventh century, the settlements of Ait Ben Haddou have been renowned as walled villages. In the past, it was a mix of Berber and non-Berber residents. In addition, there is a river named Ounila, which is roughly 20 kilometers long, between the Kasbah and the latter. All Morocco Tours,  Morocco vacation, and day excursions from Marrakech are the ideal way to see the beautiful Kasbah.

Visit Desert With All Morocco Tours

Merzouga Camel Trekking

The Sahara desert of Merzouga is the largest and most visited area in Morocco tours. This lovely hamlet is situated in the southeast and is known for its stunning Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes. That is to say, the tree grows to a height of roughly 500 feet and changes color from golden to reddish as the seasons pass. During the summer, the wind blows, changing the form of the Ergs every year. Tourists go to Merzouga to see the sand dunes. As a result, they came to participate in the camel trekking experiment. Some choose to do it alone to view the sunset or dawn, while others prefer to do it while camping in Berber tents. 

Erg Chebbi Sand DunesThat is to say, the tree grows to a height of roughly 500 feet and changes color from golden to reddish as the seasons pass. During the summer, the wind blows, changing the form of the Ergs every year. Tourists go to Merzouga to see the sand dunes. As a result, they came to participate in the camel trekking experiment. Some choose to do it alone to view the sunset or dawn, while others prefer to do it while camping in Berber tents.

I mean, to have a taste of the Berber nomads’ way of life as they journey over the Sahara with their tents and herds. On the sand dunes, travelers also enjoy quad biking and safari activities. Visitors with additional time may also visit the nomads family for a complete Morocco travel experience. In addition, the lake of Srij is worth seeing since it is a haven for migratory flamingos. Overall, the best experience is a day-long camel circuit. That is, you cross the Sahara with camels and tents for a week or two. 

This Morocco trips will give you a full picture of what it’s like for the native people of Morocco to live a nomadic life.

All Morocco Tours staff are originally from Merzouga and would like to welcome you to our travel agency to enjoy your Morocco vacation. We can provide you with a variety of Merzouga desert tours. Fortunately, you may see this wonderful Morocco site with our Morocco travel agency itinerary

Zagora Morocco Excursion

The camel ride and a stay at the desert camp in Zagora are highlights of our All Morocco Tours  agency . Not to mention, Zagora is known for its towering palm trees, which are among the country’s tallest. Dates, as is well known, need a hot temperature to produce high quality. In general, Zagora is a great place to get good dates in Morocco and the Draa Tafilalet area in general.

What makes Zagora a must see desert is: Views of rivers and valleys, Several rivers run through Zagora. Take, for example, the Draa River. The latter is Morocco’s longest. It passes through Zagora, and visitors are often seen riding camels in the vicinity. Also, throughout the summer, you may watch Zagora children swimming and playing.

 Zagora Souk: Morocco’s south is known for its large souks, or marketplaces.One may be found in Zagora, where people trade camels, soaps, and other items.Even though Zagora is considered a desert, it has a lot of land that can be used for farming. It also has a lot of oases where camp operators build their shops. Parks: This city is well-known for its tourist attractions. Consider paying a visit to one of the dinosaur or camel parks.